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Freelance Web Developer & Project Manager

I'm Fabrizio Mercuri, a freelance web developer and project manager.
I build well-structured and organised website for young business starving to grow and to dive into international market. Focused on style and design, my websites stand out for their lightness and functional organisation, with an eye on the aesthetic.

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Fast Loading

One of the most important factor of a successful website is its loading speed. My websites are minimal and elegant, but even though the eye wants its share, speed is everything. How many times have you found yourself leaving a neverending loading page?

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Responsive Websites

Regardless the size of the screen or the device, your website will fluidly resize, adapt and adjust always for the optimal viewing.

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UX Web Design

The Design of your website will concentrate on the User Experience. Graphics, layout, text and interactive elements will work together synergistically to give the users an experience, not just information.

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Attention to Details

The precision and how maniacally I work on every little aspect of your project will leave you satisfied. Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing strategies and social media management will help your business to achieve its goal and success. As a freelance web developer, I know how important is the marketing aspect of a business' website. I will use my knowledge and expertise to improve your branding and marketing strategies.

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Your Goal is my Goal. Your Business is my Business.

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